Happy place.

Find what makes you happy and go there.

When I first discovered sailing, I had my ” ah ha” moment, finally I was home, after years of searching for my place in this world, I found it at sea. I was always drawn to the ocean, it’s soothing sound, nourishing waters, the warm charm of the pacific was my happy place.

Since I grew up in a land locked planned city, all I ever remember is wanting to be in and live by the ocean. My heart was happy at the sea shore, and at peace, longing for nothing but the salty air kissing my face, and the caressing touch of the warm Pacific Ocean freeing my soul, as each wave washed over me.

My mother told me, how when I was very young, I never learnt to crawl properly, and would crawl like a crab. We would drive down to the south coast, on the weekends and stay in our little caravan, with the night sky sparkling like diamonds as we sat around the fire cooking potatoes and enjoying the salty coastal air, All the kids running wild around the caravan park, so free and safe in the night.

And how we would go to the beach, my mum would place me on the towel, and all I would do was crawl like a crab to ocean, and get bowled over by waves, and laugh and keep crawling into the ocean. So she would run down and pick me up, place me on the towel……then off I would crab crawl back to the  Ocean. My home.

A mermaid for life.




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Radio geek

I love my ham radio, yes I know, such a geek…..but I can talk to the world for free plus sooo much more!

Sailing alone, you never feel lonely, just turn on the radio and search. Or if you are more organised, and have the guide to all the broadcasts and stations of the world, just look up a new station and tune in.
I recently have been reading about pirate stations, from a very informative site about shortwave radio
And it gets me excited thinking about all these new stations to find and listen too.

Well I finally got my general license, which enables me to use pretty much all the frequencies out there! It was quite difficult, memorise 400 plus questions, and for the first two weeks I was studying my old book, which was from July 2011 to July 2015…….then realised I hadn’t been studying the correct questions. (Sometimes I really wonder about myself.)
But, happy to have succeeded and have a gate way to the world via radio.

To complete my radio dream, is a Pactor modem, to enable email via the radio for free, via winlink. Always on the look out for one, if anyone has one not being used. Then my radio geekiness will be complete. 😀

To sign off for the night, a lovely quote, which resonates with me.

My heart is at ease
Knowing that what
Was meant for me
Will never miss me,
And what misses me
Was never
Meant for me.

Iman Shafi

73 🐬🌊🐳


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What an honour to go shark diving with these beauties of the ocean, next time I would love to swim with out the cage. It was still amazing to see the Sharks, Mainly Galapagos sharks, there was also a sighting of a tiger in the area that morning. Nothing beats that indigo blue of the ocean, and being a mermaid.

image image image image image image image image imageAt

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Courage in a few words.

A beautiful piece of writing I stumbled across the other day.

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
But to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
But for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefields,
But to my own strength.
Let me not cave in.

-Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941


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Pattern and Chaos

Ebb and flow, life doesn’t always flow in the direction we want or go in.
Weather is a mixture of pattern and chaos, some thing that can’t be controlled, (a reason I love the weather) as we have no control over it!
The universe sometimes has other plans for us, which at the time, can seem hard to understand.

As El Niño has been getting stronger and now predicted to last into spring (northern) hemisphere, I have to concead to the weather, I am not sailing home or even back to the mainland and down to Mexico, I have been on stand by, waiting for an opportunity to depart the USA. And it’s looking like Yemaya will have a Hawaiian holiday till next season.

There has been family health problems here as well, so me being here, has had a silver lining, I have been able to help and support family in their time of need. I hope it has made a difference in their quality of their life.

The hurricanes are still forming, and doing strange things, hurricane oho, went due north and gathered speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour, and ending up as a post tropical storm heading into the pacific north west. The thought of sailing back to southern Californian, with these hurricanes popping up and heading north then having winter storms as well, does not sound like a fun idea to me.

image image image image image

image image

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A snapshot of a cruising family in the 80s

The rain is beating down, the big, hard type of rain that only the tropics bring. Hawaii is sucking up the moisture from tropical storm kilo south west of the island chain. I have been visiting Brian’s family and have heard so many of their cruising stories from the 80s, back when it was quite rare for people to go cruising especially with kids.

Brian’s mum and dad left in 1985 on their Ericsson 32, and spent six years cruising the South Pacific, back in the days when the only way to know where you were, was waiting for a sat Nav fax to come in, which was unreliable, maybe you got a fix, maybe you didn’t, could be eight hours before you got a position. So they would try and get a sun sight, if there was sun, which there always isn’t, or use dead reckoning.

They left from hawaii to go to the marquasis, which is upwind the whole way, all Bj remembers is the chain crashing in the chain locker for 20 plus days, and the funniest, for me, when the middle hatch was ripped open and gallons of water poured onto his head while sleeping one night….as a nine year old, I wonder what he thought!

His favourite memories are from wind surfing every day, first he would do his home schooling, then zip around all afternoon on his wind surfing board. What a way to open up your child’s mind. Imagine Hunkering down in mangrove swamps in New Caladnia, Fiji and French polynesia waiting for cyclones to pass, the boat sideways, the cat walking on the walls,as the eye of a cyclone goes over you. Spear fishing daily for your dinner, diving for the plates and cutlery off the sea floor after your parents had a fight. Being followed by a gaggeling group of marquasian girls, whose family wanted to set you up for marriage. The French man who fell in love with a goat, and kept it on his boat, but the goat wouldn’t sleep outside, and screeched all night, so the French man let him sleep inside and the goat ate all his charts and sails.

image image image image

There is something to be said for small boat voyaging, especially with children. So many people wait until they have their dream boat, or think they need a 50 foot boat to cruise, and end up waiting , then never end up leaving, as there is always something more they want. I meet people who can’t beleive that BJs family went cruising on a 32 ft boat for six years.

Todays crusier has changed so much, in the era of electronics, GPS, satellite phones, trackers etc, which I love, but which also takes some of the adventure out of cruising. As now any one can just buy a boat and go, which is fantastic to get more people out in nature and enjoy this world by water, and hopefully encourage  people to care more for our world, by emerging them selfs and family in nature. To me, it’s the most marvellous way to see the world, nothing compares to arriving at a new destination by sail, with nothing more then the wind, stars and sea.

Back to small boat voyaging, it takes tenacity, as you are not that fast, possible a five knot average, space is limited, which is good to purge yourself of the trappings of life, get back to basics, which to me, is what cruising is all about, to get back to simplicity and living a simple life.

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In the need for some good reading and inspiration?

I have added a blog roll of some blogs/websites that inspire me. Too many to list  and too many people out there that don’t have a blog/website. We are lucky to cross paths with some of these people who touch our life’s and change us for the better. A thank you to these little rays of sunshine that shine on our life, sometimes only briefly but enough to inspire us to be the best we can be.


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One of my favourite photos I took of Bj and Gitano, sailing in the pailolo channel. With the sun just right shinning from the top of his mast. Its always a treat to have someone get photos of your boat sailing.


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Summer days

Another month draws to an end, the humidity is through the roof, the heat relentlessly beating down on all of man kind. The whole pacific churning with typhoons,hurricanes and cyclones, the name changes but the results are the same. Destruction in their wake. A very very active El Niño year, brings extra warm water to the pacific, which as you can guess, brings a more active year.

The old saying, ” make the most of every situation “, comes to mind, enjoy the friends and family around you, share your love and laughter, put a smile on a strangers face, do random acts of kindness to the next person you meet. Send your prayers to the western pacific, who are getting hit, again and again by thypoons. Life is short and it could be all gone in a second, embrace it all, the good and bad, keep moving forward.

I wait and watch the weather, looking for a break to head south, as hurricanes and tropical depressions barrel across the eastern pacific, marching like crazy soldiers, dancing to their own rythem in the moist tropical air and warm bath water called the pacific. When there is a break, there is no wind, big chunks of no wind, sometimes 600 nm of no wind……I’m not sure I can handle another light wind trip, it’s truly maddening, sailing as fast as you could walk. And the last thing you want is to be stuck in the firing zone, with no wind to get out of the way of developing cyclones.


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