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The rain

Rain rain the glorious rain! And rain it has been for the last month, which we are grateful for, as california has been in a drought for the last 3 years. So thank you thank you rain! But you are also holding up my project!
After much contemplation of where to drill the hole, alignment and angles for the anchor windlass, I finally decided, it was time, time to drill the “hole of no return” hole, oh boy, here it goes.

Happy with my new hole, and not my new sky light, it was time to Dremeal out some of the balsa core deck around the hole, and fill with epoxy, then over fill the holes for the screws then fill with epoxy and re drill. Ok, that’s done, next.
Sourced some super strong G10, for a backing plate, thanks to paublo for knowing the right place and for the right price.
Then being upside down in the anchor locker, grinding the underside of the deck, to get it as flush as possible, which took a lot longer then I expected, that fiberglass gets every where.
It took me three try’s to epoxy glue the backing plate flush, and a lot of thickened epoxy. No matter how hard I tryed, still managed to get epoxy in my hair……trying to get that out of your hair is another story!

Got a beautiful off cut peice of teak, to use for the windlass mount, then cut to shape and time to mount And seal the windlass with 4200. Wow it looks so pretty! Now have to wire the beast up, re-mount the cleat, and the foot switches……in between rain showers.

It has taken a lot of contemplation and drawing on varied skills, to accomplish this project, the biggest hurdle is getting over the mental part, of drilling a giant 4 inch hole in your deck, once you get over that, and can invision the whole project and steps to take…..well it has still been quite difficult! Haha

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MOD Globe Race 2019-’20

Linda Anne:

And then there was three…..and that’s all you need for a race!

Originally posted on BJ Caldwell:

A 3rd confirmed entry for the ‘Monohull One-Design Race’ – the first ‘one-design nonstop solo around the world race’ on the 50th anniversary of the S&S 34 debut in 1969!

START: September 2019 from Sydney-Sydney via turning mark of Honolulu, Hawaii.

ENTRIES: Brian Caldwell, Linda Pasquariello, Derek Desaunois + (potential 4th Italian entry)

…The idea for the first ‘one-design’ nonstop solo around the world race stemmed from Brian’s frustration of mounting costs of disposable ‘prototype’ multi-million designs of the nonstop solo Vendee Globe race. The idea was for a race infinitely more accessible to the layman aboard vastly proven designs with competitive one-design while remaining ‘sustainable’.  A race where it would come down to the sailor vs the machine and where ‘elderly but seaworthy boat design doesn’t invalidate a chance of winning the next event… The idea was given birth during his yacht delivery of the S&S 34 “Stray Bit”…

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2nd Annual Red Bra Regatta

Linda Anne:

Life is too short to be serious.
It was refreshing to meet young, adventurous, sailing ladies, with no ego, and such a love for life!
Just what the doctor ordered, a day of sunshine, laughter, sailing and good company. Thank you ladies for a fantastic day.
In the words of Ms Rachel aka legally ginger, a summary of our day at the Red Bra Regatta .

Originally posted on legally ginger:

Her Royal Highness Karima had requested my participation in the 2nd Annual Red Bra Regatta. I almost did this race last year, but I was unable to make the practices so it didn’t quite work out. Thankfully this time not only have I raced the Midwinters, I’ve crossed an Ocean too! In other words, I’m much more prepared to do a race without much practice with the crew.
All I knew is that me and three other ladies would be racing an Islander 30′ out of South Beach Harbor in the beginning of October, the only requirements are that you be female and wear a red bra. HA! The only bra I have right now is red (maybe a little more on the “magenta” side). I didn’t even hesitate when asked.

I know Karima has been working her booty off getting her boat ready to sail, but I didn’t realize…

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Boat yard update



I have been out of the yard for a while now,  about three months, and man am I happy to have escaped.  After grinding fiber glass for a week or so, then glassing and re  drilling new holes for sea cocks,  waiting on parts,  etc etc, we finally broke out of jail, and were splashed, always happy to not be leaking after installing new sea cocks. It was a very hard project,when I asked for advice from the yard, and the expert fiber glassing guy, starts swearing, you know you are in for a hard job.

They sure made the boats strong back in the 70s, and after grinding and cutting, to get the volcano sea cocks, (if you have seen them you will know what I mean) out, I had a lot more respect for  my old girl. I glassed over one hole, for the head sink, and added a salt water foot pump to the galley, which I have been dreaming of installing, and love to use when under way and sitting in those tropical clear blue water anchorages…….got to keep dreaming of those South Pacific islands, when working on a big project.

Checked the rudder, and ground into it, then re glassed over it. Anti fouled in a lovely shade of black, buffed up the sides till she shinned like a mirror , then after three weeks of working my arse off,  Yemaya gets launched into the sea! What a mission that was. Then there was the re-plumbing of everything, hmmmm did not enjoy this job at all! Had to rip out the head completely. And re install…….the things we do. And having to be under the cockpit floor to get at the cock pit drains, in a space the size of a coffin was also a high light. But she’s all finally back together again, happy days!  And now I have a head to use,  (mum ,you can come visit now! )

It’s taking me so long to write about it, as I was traumatized from the experience, lol. And had a chance to go on a delivery from Hawaii to the San Juan islands, in Washington state, just what I needed, to be back out at sea, and rejuvenate myself.  We had a quick trip, 15 days. And got to see the some of the San Juan islands, wow what a beautiful part of the world, would love to spend a whole summer or more up here.



The last big project, is to fit my windlass to the boat, not really looking forward to it, but it needs to done. I need my windlass, not sure I am strong enough to lift all that chain and a 35 pound anchor on my own, especially if it’s blowing.  So time to get back to work.




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Boatyard update 1

imageimageAfter a week of grinding, cutting and digging out the seacocks which were fiber glassed over and screwed in, as they did in the 70s, and in between rain, I tryed out my newly acquired fiber glassing skills, for the old  holes and filled the screw holes with dyno glass, here’s hoping I did a good job, next is too fiberglass the inside and drill new holes and put in new thru hulls and seacocks, after 43 years they were starting to fail and some were bleeding rust.  I have to admit it was a bigger project then I anticipated, and I was not sure if I could do it,  but with the guidance of my guys in the yard ( thanks guys! ) I’m half way through and feeling a lot more positive about everything.

Its amazing, how strong boats built in the 1970s are, as it was before the oil embargo and they knew how to build boats back then, solid, and as brad says, your not going to sit down on a seat inside and fall through the floor.  Yemaya is one solid boat.

here are some pictures, showing some of the process. Enjoy!


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Fish out of water

Do you remember being kids and playing macro polo In the pool? you never wanted to be caught as a fish out of water. And here I am, a fish out of water. Yemaya was christened this weekend, with red wine, good friends, and sailing backwards in the estuary, after her last sail before  the haul out. ImageImage

Now she is a fish out water and getting ready for her brazilian wax, and her bum painted, rudder checked and her sea cocks changed, as after 40 years they are looking very pink. Let the fun and games begin.



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Being Half the Sky

Linda Anne:

International Women’s Day 2014 Theme: INSPIRING CHANGE
Women’s equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.
Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme for our global hub and encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way. It calls for challenging the status quo for women’s equality and vigilance inspiring positive change.

I just received thirdeyemums recent blog, and felt the need to share it. As it is international womens day, she reminded me of how lucky we are living in first world countries, while so many women suffer and live in violence, poverty, abuse, and slavery in the world. Today is a day to be aware , and celebrate the women who have inspired change in this world. To be kind, love, care and support our fellow sisters.
One very inspiring women is Malala Yousafzai, and her book, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for education and was shot by the Taliban.
When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education..
Thank you Malala for your inspiration,strength and courage.
Happy international women’s day.

Originally posted on Thirdeyemom:

“Women hold up half the sky” – Chinese proverb 


Exactly a year ago today I was in Xela, Guatemala on a week long volunteer and spanish immersion trip when I heard the noise off in the distance. It sounded like a parade. I asked my teacher Lilian if she knew what on earth was going on and she replied with a smile, “It’s International Women’s Day!” and asked if I’d like to go see the festivities. I had never heard of International Women’s Day before yet it sounded spectacular. I packed up my school work and Lilian and me were off in a flash to the main square.

There I watched in awe and joy how a community could come together as one and celebrate the rights and beauty of women. It was so incredibly touching that I rushed home and instantly wrote a post on the experience…

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The Bay Area


I have to say I have been very lazy with my blog, but very busy with the boat, so it all evens out. So after installing new solar panels, had to get new batteries to support all that juice from the panels.which lead to more wiring, oh how I hate wiring, but i seem to be doing a lot of It! After some re wiring, and a new ham radio installation, which I love, chatting to people all over the world. I made Brian and I new main sail covers, a big thanks to my friend Kristy for her house, machine and doggies. Then I believe I did some more wiring, will this wiring ever end! Damm 40 year old wires. Then the rain came, which in california we have needed, which gave me time to finish all the little jobs, new bilge pumps wired up, fix leaks, apply new stickers to the hull. Then time to go sailing, oh what a relief to have the sun shining down, the bay glimmering, clear blue sky not a bit of fog, Yemaya rumbling along, the bay bridge behind me, the golden gate bridge beckoning me to sail under her and beyond, the city  offering all the delights of life ashore, the mountains, the people, the beautiful and diverse Bay Area.




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Hello 2014

2014 is upon us, and Shaping up to be a fantastic year. This is a very late happy New Years, but wishing everyone the best and that all their dreams for the year come true! I have mounted my solar panels and am happy to have free energy, love my solar! It took a lot of thinking to decide on the best way to mount them, and I settled on an arch of sorts, to keep them out of the way, and so on anchor I can hang my awning up, and get some lovely well needed shade. It seems I have spent months wiring up the boat, and it is not my favourite thing to do, but it’s done now, almost! Yemaya got a new main sail, which is exciting, As I have never had a new sail before. So she’s Almost put back together again, after a couple of months being away from the boat. Next on the list is the always fun, haul out!


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Henry Rollins

Spoken Word,

After reading Yogic Sailings last blog, it made me think about why we travel, then I came about this fantastic piece of writing by the great Henry Rollins, his writing and singing always puts things in prospective. I too have been asked, why do you travel, are you running away from something? And the answer is no, I travel to expose myself to the truths  of this world, to see the beauty of nature, to see sometimes the harsh reality of living for some people, to see simplicity in life, to expand my mind, to gain insight, to wonder, dream, explore. As there is no running away from yourself, no matter where you go on this planet. I love to travel and how it makes you a better person. So pack that bag, get out of your comfort zone, and dive into the unknown as you never know what you will find around the corner. Not all who wonder are lost.


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