It all started 3 years ago May 2006 when I first stepped aboard a boat in Greece. I was hooked straight away and decided i would find a way to keep doing what i love and to sail around the world.
So after sailing many miles on various boats across oceans, I am starting to look for a little boat to take around the world.
I plan to do a middle latitude route, along the way i would like to explore and get to know the local people and cultures. I want to hike the Kokoda trail in PNG and pay my respects to all those brave men that fought for our beautiful country. To go to Africa and see the animals before they become extinct. And if i am lucky, to see wild meerkats in the Savannah! To swim with whales in Tonga, to marvel at the panama canal (what a feat to construct!), to understand why the crew of the Bounty mutinied for myself. To breath, touch and experience as much as possible. I want to drink in the world while leaving as little footprints as possible.

Is it asking to much? No way, I was once told to Dream Big, Believe in yourself, have the desire , be willing to learn and be persistent and you can get any where in life! So with that motto stuck in my head, I am persuing my dream whether it takes 1 year 5 years or 10 I know i will get there, and enjoy all the trials and tribulations along the way.

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