New Caledonia

As the month draws to a end, every day has its little succeses . Something perfected or tweaked to make life just that little bit easy and comfortable. A vision or idea is born, thoughts drift around to make that idea a reality. Dreams pondered, thoughts of loved ones, wishing them all the success in life. Even clean sheets and clothes is a wonderful thing.

To give thanks every evening as the sun sets on another day. To rejoice in the gifts the world offers you if your eyes are open to them. To learn about your self, your strengths and weakness. And then to work on them in many way. This lifestyle makes you stronger and beleive in your abilites and self more, it strenghtens ones character.

My dream is a simple dream, to sail alone around the world. I dont do it to pit myself against mother nature, I have no need to prove that man is more and can tame mother nature. It is for the love of mother nature that I do it. To embrace the elements, to feel in sync, to feel one with this awe inspiring world.

As the wind softly kisses my cheeks, the last ray of sunshine flickers off the sea, the millions of stars that seem so close I could pluck them out of the sky and hold them in my hand. The shapes of clouds changing every momment, warning me of weather to come. To live by the earth for the earth and respecting the earth in every way. This I dream of.

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