Fiji to Nz, then New Cal to Oz….

Bomb sniffing dog, was very friendly!!! Arrival in Opua NZ.

The Yasawas Islands Fiji, visting Niccos isalnd!

Q-dock Opua NZ with BJ!! I love NZ

Inhale, heavy metal, exhale…..leaving New Cal.

I always seem to be on the run, going from one place to another, always with a time limit, like a bomb slowly ticking over my head. Did a delivery from Fiji to NZ, then back to New Cal to take ISIS to Australia, what should of been an easy trip turned out to be one of the hardest i have every done……It seems like we were out there for a month, yet it was only 10 days, funny how the mind can play tricks on you!!! I saw a water-spout develop, and fly past our stern, lucky it was not fully developed with a funnel attached YET!! Had 130Km wind warning for our area……hhhmmm was not to happy to here that, once again lucky it got cancelled!! And numerous other things that keep you entertained on a trip, have to say there was a bit to much entertainment on this one!!!

So now we sit in the Bundaburg river, hoping the wind will blow bundy rum fumes our way, would make for a cheap night out! The next big question is can i get the money together to leave next year, with 6 months to go, I’m sure i can!! here’s hoping!!!
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