Thoughts at 42 Degrees South

Finally the land of the heart is behind us,
no longer hanging over us like a damp blanket.  
She lies beautifully to the south!
Such a cheerful thought.

I love tassie, for she is different therefore we are kindred spirits.
To live there, I think not. She would slowly starve my soul of the light and love to live.
So we know where we stand, and therefore appreciate each other.

Oh, I long for the rays of the sun to warm my face.
Soon, soon.
Now we leave this desolate place to our south.

Seals play in the crisp cool swell,
bobbing up and down like a cork.
Looking at you, with a quizzical smile,
wondering what the hell you are doing down here 
and why aren’t you playing in the swell like them?

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