25 days latter

Hawaii to L.A, total of 25 days at sea, normally doesnt take that long, but it was late in season. It was heart breaking to see all the rubbish and fishing nets in the sea. People talk about the rubbbish tip in the north pacific high, but I have never seen it until this trip.There was plastic junk, bottles, pipes, fishing nets, hard hats, floating out there. Some days every time you looked at the sea, there was plastic junk floating past. Very sad to see.

About 250 miles from land we had a visit from a owl. He was way of track and rested on the boat for a day then flew off, I hope he made it back to land.
In the bottom picutre is the first Korean to sail solo around the world and an ex youngest round the world, they both went around at the same time and swapped books under the moon light out at sea.

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