Proud Boat Owner!

The clock turns, and I hit the big 30 this week. I still feel like I’m 21. But I gave myself the best present I have EVER had, my boat!!! Finally the new ISIS emerges like a Phoenix from the ashes, bigger, stronger, anew.

She is a Pearson 10m (33 feet) designed by Bill Shaw who studied under Sparkmen and Stephens. Built on the east coast of the US, she is strong, fast and comfortable.

For the last 6 months I have been searching for a boat. I found many but they kept falling through my fingers. At the time I was so frustrated and angry, all I wanted was to buy a boat, why wont someone sell me there boat!

Well the perfect boat came along when the time was right, so here I sit in the beautiful  San Fransisco bay area, getting her ready to be a ocean going girl.

Here is a website with more information about the Pearson 10M.

Also visited Seattle and the pacific north west area, WOW, it blows my mind away the natural beauty,the artist, musicians, boat builders, the food the free spirits that roam this area make it a very special place, even if it is 4 degrees and about to snow!

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3 thoughts on “Proud Boat Owner!

  1. Congratulations, LindaRichard in Maryland

  2. Linda, I found a weblink that might be of use


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