Imagine not going

Imagine not going…imagine later in life wondering what it would have been like.  That thought alone, scares me enough to go.  How could I not try?

We were put on this Earth to be as amazing as possible.  Not to just meekly go thru life in a mediocre way.  We are here to love and to help each other and to care for our environment…

Yet why. whenever someone steps out to do an amazing thing, people ie ‘the dream killers’ try to drag them down?  Is it because it reminds them of their life, and all the dreams they have put on the back burner – thinking they were not possible?

Every day is a new day.  To start a fresh, no matter what our past is.  Every day is a ‘New You’:  The start of ‘ANYTHING’, if you can Imagine it, then you can have it.

I know I am quoting many wonderful writers, not out of plagiarism, but because it is true.  And has been written perfectly by someone else.

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One thought on “Imagine not going

  1. I couldn't have said it any better myself – but will try ; – )

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