People of the world

Oprah is visiting Australia, she is doing two shows in the opera house, with lots of inspirational Australian people. She even went sailing on Sydney harbour with Russell Crowe, wearing a rabbitos hat, (local footy team)

Also Jeanne Socrates, who left in October on a Solo Non Stop Circumnavigation of the planet, is enjoying blue sky and sunshine with 3000 miles to go till the Horn. Go for it Jeanne!! Check out her website.

Ellen MacArthur, what an Inspiration this women is, she is now devoting all her time to save the planet, and helping children recovering from cancer.
A website you must read.

13 days till Christmas, and I hope you are getting to spend it with your loved ones, again I am away from my family, I think they must be used to it by now.

I am busy trying to figure out how to put my Aries Windvane together, what a puzzel that is!!

 good old San fran fog….where are we!!!
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