What a start to 2011

 What a start to 2011, 75% of the state of Queensland is flooded, countless damage to properties, livestock and lives lost. Then NSW, Victoria and Tasmania the whole east coast of Australia was flooded, the worst in 50 years.  And to make it worse a lot of towns got hit a second time with flash floods.  Also two cyclones have passed nearby, with more predicted to be on their way.

Brazil’s death toll is at 650 and growing with floods and mud slides near Rio De Janerio.  Such utter destruction is going on at the moment. But the stories of good will that are coming out of all these disasters are amazing, inspiring and up-lifting. Thousands of ANGELS descended the streets of Brisbane to help with the clean up, helping people clean the mud out of houses, move furniture and anything else they could do to help people.

It is so wonderful to see complete strangers helping each other, donating their time, money and services to help people affected by the floods. Slowly everyone is cleaning and rebuilding their lives again.

For Brain and I, we stated the year with the thought that we had lost ISIS, we could not find her, VMR could not find her and no boats had been left in the marina. All the reports we were getting were very dishearting, boats breaking moorings, boats sinking, boats getting washed out to sea, and no one able to rescue them. 50 have been lost  from the Burnett River alone.

Finally we located ISIS, she was sitting on a mud bank behind the marinas office and showers, sitting nicely against the mud bank and a brick wall, she had somehow landed there all by herself after floating over a fence….I flew back to Australia to save her and with the help of two very lovely people, Who without them, I would not have been able to do this we got ISIS back into the water with a crane. I am so thankful to all the crew at midtown marina and strangers that kept an eye on ISIS .

Brian is doing the Cape to Rio Race on Peri Banue II, wishing the crew all the best, and hope to see a trophy at the end!!  So with a bang like that for the start,  the  rest of the year is going to be a cracker!!!

Heres a link to the local paper that ran a story on ISIS reuniting with the river, a very very happy day!



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