Beauty of spring

As I sit in my nav station, I look around me and realise I own all of this not borrowing not helping out. Its mine, I pinch myself as I realise I own a boat and that my dream is coming into fruition.

Waves of emotion have taken over me as I start out on this adventure on my own. As the saying goes ” The only way to climb a mountain is one step at a time.” I feel I am strengthening my soul and nothing beats that then stepping out of your comfort zone, there is days when I am unsure if I can do all this then I remember that everything always works out, even if you can’t see how. Just keep pushing and believing.

Inspiration is ever where, I ride around Alameda and see beauty around me. Spring is here, every garden is full of flowers and beautiful plants, nature is inspiring and soothes my soul. It might not be the nature of mountains and national parks with no human marks left on the world. It is what we have available to us right now and it is lovely to see.It reminds me to open my eyes to see the beauty that is everywhere if you look.

My local coffee shop with friendly locals and Ellen the guide dog, who will do anything for pats and loving, will make you smile and feel connected to the bigger picture. There is a lot of people working on personal and planetary sustainability in this area. Its comforting as it seems the USA has such extremes of people, for the planet and people against it, maybe that’s why the people that do care are such a strong force in the world.

So what keeps you sustainable? It might be as simply as recycling, eating organic, installing solar panels, growing your own vegetables, riding your bike to work, supporting your local business and buying local fruit and veg. What ever it is, you are making a difference and it pushes me to strive to live a more sustainable life for all who inhabit this beautiful world and for the future generations that will come.

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