Arrival in Hawaii!



After 21 days at sea, I have arrived in the beautiful Hawaiian islands on the 26th of July at 3pm. I departed from Monterey Bay California on the 5th of July. It will not go down in history as the fastest trip, but it is also not the slowest. I had a lot of light wind, just like Transpac and was becalmed for days, oh well , not much you do about that.

Was fantastic to pull into Ko Olina marina and have family and friends waiting to  great me with plenty of booze and food, a big thanks to Chuck at Ko Olina Marina its a great place to keep your boat if you are ever in Hawaii. Also would like to say thanks to Rodger at Reliable Marine  who will look after all your electrical and communication needs and Sal at Sals Inflatables for all your safety gear. Both are located in Alameda California .  And a big thanks to BJ Caldwell for helping me prepare the boat, believing in me and teaching me to sail.

The start of the trip would have to be the hardest, as going down the coast surrounded in fog with whales breaching 5 meters away from the boat and dodging fishing boats all night and freezing my butt off, while dreaming of warmer weather. The best part would be when we are sailing along doing 7 knots flying from wave top to wave top under a starry night  with the full moon lighting up the sky. Perfection.

Now I have to tweak a few more things on the boat, and some more work on her then I am heading south on the start of my round the world adventure!

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3 thoughts on “Arrival in Hawaii!

  1. Trish

    Well done Linda! I’m very proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you in Australia later in the year.

  2. colin

    Go girl go. It is great you are doing something you really enjoy.
    Colin & Julie

  3. katie shields

    your amazing Linda!!

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