Aloha and Thanks

As I get ready to leave again, it all feels a bit surreal. I have slowly worked through my list of things to do and always feel like I have missed something. There is still a lot of things I have not had the time to do,but Yemaya is a beautiful work in progress, and when I get to Australia I will have a big chunk of time to finish up all the projects I have in mind for her.

The windlass and anchor is mounted and she looks like a real boat now with all her hard wear on, so beautiful. A big thanks to Gitan at Seagoing Pacific and Dave for their help on this project. While I am thanking people a BIG  thanks for all the support,love, help and advice from years  of cruising goes to my northern hempshire family Jan and Brian Caldwell, thanks guys for the books, sarongs, lip gloss, laughter and for the family time we shared, I hope to see you sooner rather than later.  John and Rebecca for all the rum, movies, stories,laughter, electronic issues solved, cushions and the motto of the year, ‘It is what it is my brother”, thanks guys and hope to see you in oz, long live the barrel and the kayak.
Les for cleaning the bottom of Yemaya. Leilani for the insight into Hawaiian culture and faith, tea leaves and Ronnie and Sherry for their passion for living life to the fullest.

We have had many blessings bestowed on us in Hawaii, and are eternally grateful for all the support from family, friends and strangers. I hope to pass on the same blessings to all I meet along this journey to  put back into the universe what I have received.

Excited and sad I  am leaving, and starting my journey,to explore country’s I have never seen before, to find my peace again out at sea and become one with mother nature, as Yemaya is an extension of me and she is part of the ocean and the ocean is just energy, like every living thing is. Se we are all connected.

Hawaii, thankyou for having us. I hope to return safely to your beautiful shores again.

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3 thoughts on “Aloha and Thanks

  1. Aloha Linda,

    Wow, he/she? really is a Gilly dog look-alike! I also love the sepia pic of you dipping your hand in the sand at Hanalei Bay. I visited there once and dreamed of sailng in as you did. You go girl!!

    Keep up the great blog and pics, everyone here is cheering you on, and I added your link to my new site. I also added a quote from Brian and the albatross. I hope that’s ok with you guys. Check it out:

    You are both a huge inspiration to sailors everywhere. Take care and fair winds.

    Kristy, Gilly, and the newly acquired Gigi. (the G-force, aka the 2G’s)
    Alameda, CA

    • I told you Joey looks like Gilly, ashame he has had the snip as they would of made very cute little pups! Thanks for all your support girl and will check out the website. and yes Go Pearsons!! Linda xxx

  2. Simon Golledge

    Best of luck in your travels. Fair winds.
    Simon Golledge

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