Linda crosses Equator!

She’s back in home waters drinking Moet with dolphins going crazy around the boat as she reported to me on the sat-phone today – see you in Bundaberg in November  – GOOOO MEERKAT!!!

– bj,

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4 thoughts on “Linda crosses Equator!

  1. Woohoo, go Linda, go Linda!!! Pearsons rock. You rock on little one. I’m so proud of you. Hope you are enjoying every minute, because you look like you are.

    Your California friends,

    Kristy and Gilly

  2. jan

    You go, girl!! really proud of you, jan

  3. Simon Golledge


    Stay safe.

    You have encouraged me to get moving with a trip to Hawaii.
    Small stuff compared to your circumnavigation but you have a considerable age advantage!
    My first long distance passage was from Falmouth ,England to the Aegean and back in the early 1970’s. Hooked ever since. No GPS in those days..sextant and a wind up deck watch.


    (S&S 34 Lina11, Los Angeles)

    • Thats great Simon, you have a beautiful boat to be doing it on as well. Yes back in the days it was no gps, guess you could say real sailing, wishing you all the best on your trip, maybe you will make it to Australia?

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