1st October Arrival in Vavau Tonga!

Land Ho!!!

As the sun broke through this morning with golden rays lighting up the sky, just off my port bow I see Tonga, exactly where it was surpossed to be. I laughed to myself as it always amazes me when an island appears out of no where and where you thought it should be. Finally, arrived after a 30 day trip, even though it is only 2800 miles, Hhmmm.

It takes my breath away, so beautiful, lush and green here, I was greeted by whales lying around flapping there fins and tails in the air, so I took that as a greeting and welcome to Tonga. Yemaya is a looking abit tired, and she too is happy to be swinging around in cool clear blue water and panting in the tropical sun. It really is a slice of paradise here, and I am over joyed to have made it, I only wish I could teleport all my friends and family here to enjoy it with me!

My lovely neighbors who also have a Pearson (Yemaya has a sister here!) gave me loaf of bread a stick of butter and bananas, I proceeded to eat the whole  loaf of bread and a stick of butter, It tasted soooo good at the time, but not feeling so good now!

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2 thoughts on “1st October Arrival in Vavau Tonga!

  1. Trish

    Hi Linda
    Sor glad you have finally reached Tonga! I do a lot of thinking about you late at night and in the dark I wonder how you how but know deep down that your angels are keeping you safe!!! All my love mum

  2. jan

    FanBLOODYTastic. you go girl. hope to see you soon. jan

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