Friday 9th September

Well well, it is squall central here on Yemaya. Been informed I am in the ITCZ zone, which is a convergence zone of the NE and SE trade winds. And converging it is. You do not want to be caught out with all your sail up. At night can be hard to tell when a squall is coming. Normally you can see the dark line underneath and the cloud is a long almost roll type cloud. Then you feel the pressure drop and a burst of cold air, then bang 30 35 knots.

A little bird, who I named Rodger, kept trying to land near the wind vane, and then would get to close to the windvane paddle and get wacked by it, poor little bird would squeak and get flung away from the boat. All he wanted was somewhere to rest. And I was happy to have company, he would look at me and I would look back at him with a understanding stare, that said yes I know, its bloody windy and rainy, and soon soon it will end, just hold on Rodger and relax it will all be over soon.

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