Thursday 8th September

Got wacked in the head by all the potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes and two cabbages that where hanging in the net. I look up from the floor and see them all swinging for my head, then BANG, nearly knocked myself out, stupid potatoes, aren’t exactly soft. Almost went crazy and threw them all overboard, but laughed as I will have the last say when I chop them up and eat them! Ha ha take that potatoes! For dinner, of course, the above with egg, yum.

The SE wind have sprung upon us, after the wind died, had a herd of dolphins playing around me for 2-3 hours, then the wind changed, just like that. Hhmmm thought I had at least to Palmyra.


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One thought on “Thursday 8th September

  1. peter bohn

    sounds like your in your element there young seaferer,life will be a bit dull if you leave the sea and join mundane life challenges again. i spent nearly 12 years working at sea and i miss it greatly now but times change and so must we somtimes, goodluck on rest of your life journey,oh and watch out for flying spuds

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