A couple of pictures


Time seems to fly and I have been here for two weeks, the best part of cruzing would have to be the people you meet, from all walks of lives and with so many interesting stories of how they got here.  My favourite is the people that have never sailed before in their life and just go and buy a boat, they will tell you that they learn real quick about sailing, I take my hat of to the.

A different way to see the island and local people is by riding a bike around. I got to stop in villages, womans weaving circles, visit a local school, get chased by crazy dogs, visit secluded beaches. Also climbed up Mt Talau (not really a mountain) and get a 360 degree view of all the islands. Snorkeling in crystal clear water and diving in swallows cave (that’s me with yellow fins)

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2 thoughts on “A couple of pictures

  1. jan

    fab photos. a great memory for you. enjoy, and we hope to see you soon. jan and rob.

  2. Trish

    Love your photos Linda! I’m so happy you are having a great time! Wish I was there to join you in that absolutely beautiful blue water!

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