Swimming with Whales

Today is going down as the best day ever in my life.

I went swimming with Humpback Whales, no words can even come close to explain this experience. I was crying tears of joy for the sheer beauty and grace of these creatures of the deep blue.

As it’s the end of the season, this was the last boat going out, the lovely operators could not promise we would see anything.  But Lady Luck was on our side as we sighted the first spray from mother and calf.

Only four people at one time, as it’s tightly controlled, to maintain no harm to these beautys of the sea. We slide in quietly to the warm clear blue water off the high cliffs of Vavau. Only snorkel and fins as bubbles from scuba tanks disturbs them. We float on the surface and the curious calf comes closer to inspect, them starts dancing and playing only a couple of meters in front of us. The mother gets abit concerned and swims up from the deep directly under me, I could almost reach out and touch her as she ushers the calf a little bit further away from us.

On our last sighting the mother turns on her side and waves a fin at us, I swear she looked me in the eyes to say goodbye, until next time, and there will be a next time!

How anyone can harm and kill these magnificent creatures is so beyond my comprehension. If everyone experienced swimming with whales, I am sure they would be deeply touched by the love and gracefulness of the whales and would not want to harm or kill them.

We as humans must do more to stop the hunting of the whales. Also found out that Japan was trying to give money to the King  so they could hunt whales here, thankfully the King declined such gifts and wants to protect  them. As this is a breeding ground for the humpbacks,  in the safe calm warm waters of Vavau.

If you have not already, then please check out http://www.seashepherd.org/   As they are the main crew out there protecting and policing our oceans form illegal hunting and poaching. The Sea Shepherds need all the support we can give, so if you can, please get involved. We only have one ocean and one chance to safe it.

“If we can’t save the whales and we can’t save the sharks,
were not going to save the oceans, and if the oceans die,
civilization collapses and we all die. Our very existence on
land depends upon the health of our oceans”

-Captain Paul Watson, fonder, Sea Shepherd    
Ahab’s Alter Ego, The Undersea Journal second quarter 2010    




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