Heading home to Oz

The boys Bj and Adam Correa arrived on Froia ll a delivery from Hawaii to Oz, after they got checked in we headed out to some of the lovely islands and anchorages. My anchoring skills are improving ever so slowly, all I need to remember is “more scope, more scope” , I just always want to put out less, not sure why.

As we get ready to race each other back to Australia,( well its not really a race as the boys do 160, 170 mile days and my top day has been 130), once again I am sad to leave such a beautiful place, yet excited to get Yemaya home to my friends and family. I come from a non sailing background, and can not wait to take the family out as most of them have never been on a sailing yacht, I hope to convert them to the ways of the sea gypsy.

Farwell Tonga and only 1800 miles to Bundy!

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One thought on “Heading home to Oz

  1. Trish

    Yes we are definitely a non-sailing family! Good luck trying to convert us! Hurry home the leg of lamb will be waiting for you!!! lots of love

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