Monday 5th December Arrival in Australia

Home sweet Home!

6.30pm arrived in Bundaberg Australia,  after a quick 16 day passage, was dancing,laughing and cheering as I was coming in the channel to home, so happy to have made it across the whole pacific  ocean. I told Yemaya she is now an Aussie!

The last 2 days coming in were quite nasty, and I knew I was running late in the season. Last time I arrived in Bundaberg was on miss Isis with Bj, and the same thing happened, we got our butts kicked on the last two days coming into Australia,  I guess some things never change.

The worst thing was being tied up to customs dock and not allowed off the boat, I could see the restaurant and people drinking on shore, as I salivated at the mouth dreaming of salads and fish…..well a can of good old chicken soup sustained me for the night. Then to make matters worse I could not sleep, and spend the night cleaning the boat. But it makes that first meal and drink sooo much better, when you finally get it!!

Anyway, I am happy to be back home!

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One thought on “Monday 5th December Arrival in Australia

  1. Tom Faraola

    Congratulations on your passage! Woo Hoo!!

    Kristie and Tom

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