Kosciusko National Park-Old Snow Gums

Before Europeans arrived the Snowy and Thredro river valleys served as Aboriginal paths to the highest most respected places -the home of the ancestral spirits.

An Aboriginal creation story tells how a platypus followed the moon taking seawater to the mountains. The platypus punctured the sleeping moons water carrier and the  gushing water formed the Snowy River.  Dyilligamberra, the powerful rainmaker, keeps the river full of water. He looks after the whole water system from the mountains to the sea.

The Old snow gums ( pictured below) are the “grandfather” trees, and they are two to three hundred years olds, some of the oldest in the Kosciusko  national park. Aboriginal tradition says that the spirits of the ancestral travelers live in these warragani (old snowgums.)

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6 thoughts on “Kosciusko National Park-Old Snow Gums

  1. Linda… Ed here… looks like you took the 10M. Awesome blog! I’m inspired.

  2. jan

    what a lovely place to spend chrissy. enjoy. jan

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