Congrats to  Bj, Sean and the crew of Nemesis placing 4th in their division on the Sydney to Hobart. They battled for a placing, going from 1st to 3rd to last to 4th just missing out by 7 minutes for 3rd position in their division.  Jessica Watson and crew placing a 2nd in their division with all the crew under 21! And congrats to  Laura Roper,  22 year skipper of Natelle Two.

Miss Laura Decker who is currently in South Africa, is almost finished her solo circumnavigation at the age of 16, to become the youngest ever to sail around the world alone once she closes her circuit in the Caribbean.  Go Laura!!

2011 was a busy and amazing year, here’s to 2012 being a bigger and better year, with more adventures to come!!!

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One thought on “Nemesis

  1. Simon Golledge


    Congratulations on arriving in Australia..long way across the Pacific!
    Simon Golledge

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