The Great Australian Bight

I started my year doing a delivery across the Great Australian Bight, from Adelaide to Perth with Bj, Liv and Sean (who had just done the Sydney to Hobart together.)  It was a great experience, as not so many boats cross these waters, most preferring to go across the top of Australia. We also knew our friend Jon was out here as he was sailing non-stop from New Zealand to Perth, to complete his 8th circumnavigation. So one evening we thought to try him on the VHF and lone behold, he answers back, Im not sure who was more surprised! What are the chances of being within 25 miles of each other in the Great Australian Bight?

Yesterday Laura Decker, a 16 year old dutch girl, finished her solo circumnavigation to become the youngest to solo circumnavigate the planet. congratulations to you Laura! and a big congratulations to Jon Sanders for finishing his 8th circumnavigation this morning.

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One thought on “The Great Australian Bight

  1. jan

    congrats to you too, Linda. what a way to start the New Year. hugs, jan

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