Western Australia

Thanks to My childhood friend and her family for having us in Perth. No matter how many years go past some friends still feel like you just saw them yesterday. Karens son Zac, just got back from the nationals for the optimist, and what a little sailor he is, he took me out on his opiti with the city of Perth in the back ground, the sun pounding down at 40 degrees, as we tried not to run down his sister and friend! So much fun!! I got to get one of them, so I can race him down the Swan River, wether or not that is before I race Bj non stop around the world in the mod-globe race, remains to be seen. I just want to beat the boys!

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3 thoughts on “Western Australia

  1. You can also tell a lot about the character of a person by the number of OLD friends they keep. Fair winds, let me know if you make it back to San Diego.

  2. Sam Boyle


    It is a pleasure to follow your journey. Being a fellow owner, I’m curious about your thoughts on the 10M after sailing across the Pacific.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Sam,
      The 10M sails unbelievable well. She tracks like a missile, loves all points of sail and is fast. As you know. After all the different boats I have crossed oceans on, the 10m is by far the best for short handed tropical routes. I hope you get a chance to take your 10m across the pacific.
      Kind Regards

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