A snapshot of Australian Yachtsman Jon Sanders

Jonathan W Sanders  AO, OBE, CitWA as of June 2012

Jon Sanders has circumnavigated the world 8 times, most have been solo. Altogether he has fully transited the Indian Ocean 14 times and other long Indian Ocean passages.
Atlantic Ocean 11 times
Pacific Ocean 11 times and other long pacific passages.
Made the transit from one side of the Australian continent to the other, south about ( the great Australian bight) 42 times
Transited the Panama Canal 5 times and The Suez Canal 4 times.
Numerous passages north over Australia and  thru the inside of the Great Barrier Reef.
He has cleared the Cape of Good Hope 9 times .
And Cape Horn 5 times, never in summer.

He is known for two solo voyages.

First Voyage.
Two times nonstop around the world in the S&S 34 design (34ft yacht) named “Perie Banou” September 1981 to November 1982 (this Voyage was done solo without stopping, but Jon and the yacht were reprovision under way twice, as planned. For this voyage he was awarded the Chichester award by the Royal Yacht Squadron Cowes UK, presented by the Duke of Edinburgh. OBE awarded by Prince Charles and other awards.

Second Voyage
Between May 1986 and March 1988 (658 days) made a voyage 3 times around the world, solo, non stop and unassisted. The 1st circumnavigation was west about the other two were east about. (all continuous) This voyage was an official Australian Bi-Centennial Activity and carried a scientific project organized by Professor John Penrose 17M Director of the center for marine science and technology and the Curtin University, Western Australia.

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