Single Handed Transpac Begins!

The Singlehanded TransPacific Yacht Race takes place on even years (biennial) from San Francisco Bay, California to beautiful Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii – a distance of 2,120 nautical miles…alone.

This event has been described by some of the racers as life changing. For others watching from a greater distance, it may seem a puzzling and amazing event. The following is an excerpt from Mike Jefferson’s log, a veteran of the 1996 Singlehanded TransPac, on the question of who the racers are, and why:

“The answer is that by and large they are regular people with the courage and dedication to follow their dreams. Offshore sailing by oneself is a strenuous test of a person’s inner character. Technical skill and experience are, of course, very useful. Most of the sailors in this year’s Singlehanded TransPac are pretty experienced. But no one of us would be described as a rock star…The key to success in any great adventure is tenacity, and the sidekick of tenacity is preparation. It has been said that the hardest thing about doing the TransPac is getting to the starting line. In my own case this is certainly true, and I know many others would feel the same. So, what you have here are a bunch of intelligent, reasonably competent people who have decided that it is important to them to test themselves in a quest in which their success or failure can be solely (in so far as any human activity can be) their own responsibility.”

Wishing all the skippers a  fun and fast trip to beautiful Kauai! Especially Ronnie Simpson, who is competing in his second SHTP, while raising money for Hope for the Warriors, a charity for wounded vets to learn how to  sail. A very inspirational young man with a passion for life and living.  Go Ronnie!!

Read more about him at

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