Dawn breaks, silently over the countryside of gum trees, cane fields, creeks and rolling pastures. Burnt orange, slowly fanning out across the darkened sky. A beautiful time, as the countryside wakes from its slumber.

Today is a new day
You got to make the best of what you got.

There is so many people , who embody this attitude, to name them all would take forever. At the moment, I look to our Olympians who have put everything and more into their sport. The long hours and years of training, dreaming and pushing them selves to reach the pinnacle of their sports, the Olympics. Such discipline and fierce determination is inspiring.

Congratulations to all our Olympians for making it there, an amazing achievement in itself. Our first gold for Australia went to laser king Tom Slingsby, 49er stars Nathan Outteridge and Ian Jensen claimed gold, followed by  Gold for Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page in the 470 class. Our girls Kimberly Crow, Brooke Pratley and Lucinda Whitty just missed out on a Gold and claimed Sliver. An amazing effort from our Australian Sailing team!

As I read about their success, I look up to them and remember NEVER, NEVER,NEVER GIVE UP!

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