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In Newport where the local Oregonians don’t burn they rust! Where the redwoods embrace and love the fog, and it seems like you have stepped into an enchanted forest. To the endless sandy beaches, getting battered by the winter storms, which are starting to march there way across the northern pacific, remnants of typhoons in Asia. To the fisherman braving the seas and fog to put the seafood we love on the table. The estimated 20,000 grey whales that migrate down the coast to Mexico to breed, to the seals playing in the cool water and staying out of the way of the big sea lions belching on the rocks. And to Noaa, who are based out of Newport, keeping us updated  and safe with weather forecasts..
What a beautiful place to visit.

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2 thoughts on “Oregon

  1. Stuart Watson

    Hi Linda,
    As a big fan of the s&s 34 I would love to see some photos and info about your boat. I live at Hobart aus and recently bought a boat in California which I cruised home, I am now back at work planning another adventure.
    Have you heard of Tobias fahey? He is a 25 year old Hobart guy that recently left Hobart on a solo non stop around the world trip but unfortunateley had to return a week later to replace his batteries and charging system I expect he will leave again soon.
    I am intrigued by the s&s 34 around alone challenge and was wondering if an official start date had been set?
    All the best with your refit and thanks for keeping such an interesting blog.

  2. Jim N

    I’m so impressed by your drive and your achievments Linda. I’ve always wanted to sail and explore like you are doing; but for one reason or another I never could make that jump. I’m in a position where I’ve been thinking seriously about it again. It’s great reading reports such as yours because it keeps the fire burning for people like me. Best of luck for your future adventures.

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