One for the girls.

To all the girls out there, doing what they love best, sailing. And sharing their passion and inspiring others to get out there and explore the world and oceans.

If in the bay area, and need to learn to sail you have Kristy Lugert at Evie Too Sailing to show you the ropes and take you out on s/v Kitten.  As she says, if you can learn to sail in the bay with all the currents, winds and shipping you can sail anywhere. To Liz Clarke who has been out cruising and surfing the south pacific for 6 years, she shares her positive attitude and love for the world and inspires you to get out there and pursue your dreams no matter what. . To the young girls Laura Decker and Jessica Watson who defied all the nay sayers and sailed the globe solo at such a young age.There are so many girls and ladies, past and present, out there doing it on their own and it’s fantastic to see and read about!

Whether your dream is too learn to sail, race, hitch hike round the globe, cruise, or cross oceans, wishing you all fair winds and success.

So here’s a big thank you, to all the girls for inspiring me and sharing your love and passion for the sea.

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