Japan on OP, not the rum.

After a small break in Bali to recoup after the race, we are in Japan for a delivery of the lovely Optimus Prime, she was first over the line in the double handed Melbourne to Osaka race with a father and son team.  The hospitality of the Japanese is amazing, as they only get around ten cruising boats a year through Japan. Even though we did not sail here, you are treated as family. With the inland sea to cruise through, and the country side to visit, I would love to bring Yemaya through here some day.

We departed, and enjoyed a 200 mile day before the forestay broke, we returned to fix and get ready to leave again, going via Saipan, Palau, Indonesia before touching back home in Australia, as it is the start of typhoon season we need to be moving fast to get out of this area.

Thankyou to Hokko yacht club, for the wonderful hospitality and help, hope to see you soon. The next Melbourne Osaka Race is 2018…..






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4 thoughts on “Japan on OP, not the rum.

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  2. Hi Linda, will u b (back?) in Sydney any time soon? We r getting ready to sail off… getting rid of stuff and looking for our boat atm. Where is Yemaya? Wld b awesome to catch up down near the harbour for a cuppa or pint;)

    • Hi yogic sailing family, how exciting to be getting ready to cast off and see the world! I also have family in Argentina, was interested when I saw Aussie and Argentina family on your blog. Yemaya is in San Francisco and I am getting ready to cast off soon as well. Would love to have drink with you, not sure when i will be back in sydney, maybe a drink some where down the blue highway!

      • Hi Linda, let’s do it. Let us know when you are back and we’ll catch up! Did you sail Yamaya to SF? Where in Argentina is your family from? Did you grow up there? What a coincidence (or is it? if one beliefs there is a grand plan and coincidences don’t exist…lol)! Beso grande, Dini

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