Top Gun

After leaving Japan, we encountered a gale, 40 knots made for an interesting first night at sea, to say the least. But we are racing against time, had to leave.
I also noticed we had two umbrellas onboard, could that be the cause of our bad weather? 
Then the weather settled down and you get into the routine of life at sea, until we see a weather file with a developing cyclone forming right on our track in five days time, oh dear.

We keep monitoring its progress and make our way past Iwa jima 
The famed island from world war ll, we encounter dozens of bobby birds, trawling the waters for flying fish, such acrobatic skills, as they shimmed left and right in the sky, then like a Japanese kamazaizi, dove straight into water, emerging like a cork, bobbing straight up, with fish in their beak. Quite a feat to watch.

We arrived in Guam, and moored off the marianas yacht club, once ashore, customs were waiting for us, and quickly checked us into the country. Lucky for us the yacht club was open, so we got to meet all the local sailors, a very friendly bunch. Who have made sure we have every thing we need. That’s what makes this place so special is the people, I love Guam! 



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