Leave when you are seaworthy, one is never ready.


Love of boats and the sea is a disease, like chronic malaria, once a person is ” infected”

It is recurrent and lifelong. once bitten by the sea, those that succumb can never leave it.

By Claire Allard

A truer saying, I have never felt more passionately about.

The sea has captured my heart and soul,

And yearns to wonder her blue roads,

To arrive in destinations unknown,

To new friends and old.

After leaving Jon Sanders in Darwin, were he returned to his own boat to continue on his 9th circumnavigation of the world. ( be sure to buy him a beer if passes by your shores.)

To arriving back in the Bay Area to my beloved boat Yemaya , and getting some serious jobs ticked off the list. The mast got pulled out and i put new rigging on, ran new wires up the mast and attached a VHF antenna, as there was not one on the top of the mast and Led mast head light.

Then found some corrosion in the mast step, so digging, scrapping, vacuuming and cutting up some of the floor, and epoxying the gap, an unexpected project but one that I am happy to have found out about now, when the mast is out. Amazing what a little bit of water can do over a long period of time to aluminium, but I love a keel stepped boat.

Now the mast is finally back in and I’m finishing running wires through the boat and putting reefing blocks on the boom so I can reef from the cockpit versus the boom.

I only had a cng stove and oven which had rusty pipes and corroded fittings, plus no one even sells CNG outside the USA, so pointless to keep. Got a nice second hand origo stove, which Is easy and simply, as my confidence to install a propane stove is not too high.

Also fixed the leaking water bladders which are not my favourite way to store water, as they leek and taste like plastic, but they came with the boat and had replaced very rusty tanks so that’s what I got for now.

Now  time to go sailing!

You call that bolt cutters? This is a bolt cutter!

You call that bolt cutters? This is a bolt cutter!

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5 thoughts on “Leave when you are seaworthy, one is never ready.

  1. Trish gaudry

    Linda I am always amazed at the wonderful things you do! I am very proud of you. All my love

  2. Wishing you fair winds & no mechanical issues!

  3. Your message is wise beyond your years. I have a friend who will never finish his boat but set sail from Washington with $600 and is now in the Philippians having the time of his life. He lost his engine 8,000 miles ago and admits he is thinking about replacing it in the future but its at the bottom of his list. Sail on my friend, I know our paths will cross and yep it will be a race, first one in buys the first round of beers 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on ParrisFamily.Info and commented:
    I like this one

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