Henry Rollins

Spoken Word,

After reading Yogic Sailings last blog, it made me think about why we travel, then I came about this fantastic piece of writing by the great Henry Rollins, his writing and singing always puts things in prospective. I too have been asked, why do you travel, are you running away from something? And the answer is no, I travel to expose myself to the truths  of this world, to see the beauty of nature, to see sometimes the harsh reality of living for some people, to see simplicity in life, to expand my mind, to gain insight, to wonder, dream, explore. As there is no running away from yourself, no matter where you go on this planet. I love to travel and how it makes you a better person. So pack that bag, get out of your comfort zone, and dive into the unknown as you never know what you will find around the corner. Not all who wonder are lost.


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3 thoughts on “Henry Rollins

  1. Janice Carroll

    How wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Keep wondering and enjoying the world.

  2. G W Green

    What is the status of the circumnavigation you were planning? Is that still on? If it is I hope you will post frequent blog updates; I love to read about sailing adventures.


    • Hi GW,
      yes my circumnavigation is still on, it has been delayed with changing boats and work/delivery commitments.Planning to leave start of 2014! Heading south to Mexico and beyond.I will be updating more often when I am on the way. Thanks for stopping by.

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