The Bay Area


I have to say I have been very lazy with my blog, but very busy with the boat, so it all evens out. So after installing new solar panels, had to get new batteries to support all that juice from the panels.which lead to more wiring, oh how I hate wiring, but i seem to be doing a lot of It! After some re wiring, and a new ham radio installation, which I love, chatting to people all over the world. I made Brian and I new main sail covers, a big thanks to my friend Kristy for her house, machine and doggies. Then I believe I did some more wiring, will this wiring ever end! Damm 40 year old wires. Then the rain came, which in california we have needed, which gave me time to finish all the little jobs, new bilge pumps wired up, fix leaks, apply new stickers to the hull. Then time to go sailing, oh what a relief to have the sun shining down, the bay glimmering, clear blue sky not a bit of fog, Yemaya rumbling along, the bay bridge behind me, the golden gate bridge beckoning me to sail under her and beyond, the city  offering all the delights of life ashore, the mountains, the people, the beautiful and diverse Bay Area.




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One thought on “The Bay Area

  1. Janice Carroll

    Wow! What a clever possum you are!! Amazing all you can do.
    I,ll have to have a few DIY projects waiting for when you visit next!!

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