Boat yard update



I have been out of the yard for a while now,  about three months, and man am I happy to have escaped.  After grinding fiber glass for a week or so, then glassing and re  drilling new holes for sea cocks,  waiting on parts,  etc etc, we finally broke out of jail, and were splashed, always happy to not be leaking after installing new sea cocks. It was a very hard project,when I asked for advice from the yard, and the expert fiber glassing guy, starts swearing, you know you are in for a hard job.

They sure made the boats strong back in the 70s, and after grinding and cutting, to get the volcano sea cocks, (if you have seen them you will know what I mean) out, I had a lot more respect for  my old girl. I glassed over one hole, for the head sink, and added a salt water foot pump to the galley, which I have been dreaming of installing, and love to use when under way and sitting in those tropical clear blue water anchorages…….got to keep dreaming of those South Pacific islands, when working on a big project.

Checked the rudder, and ground into it, then re glassed over it. Anti fouled in a lovely shade of black, buffed up the sides till she shinned like a mirror , then after three weeks of working my arse off,  Yemaya gets launched into the sea! What a mission that was. Then there was the re-plumbing of everything, hmmmm did not enjoy this job at all! Had to rip out the head completely. And re install…….the things we do. And having to be under the cockpit floor to get at the cock pit drains, in a space the size of a coffin was also a high light. But she’s all finally back together again, happy days!  And now I have a head to use,  (mum ,you can come visit now! )

It’s taking me so long to write about it, as I was traumatized from the experience, lol. And had a chance to go on a delivery from Hawaii to the San Juan islands, in Washington state, just what I needed, to be back out at sea, and rejuvenate myself.  We had a quick trip, 15 days. And got to see the some of the San Juan islands, wow what a beautiful part of the world, would love to spend a whole summer or more up here.



The last big project, is to fit my windlass to the boat, not really looking forward to it, but it needs to done. I need my windlass, not sure I am strong enough to lift all that chain and a 35 pound anchor on my own, especially if it’s blowing.  So time to get back to work.




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2 thoughts on “Boat yard update

  1. Trish

    Well done Linda!!! You are an amazing person and I’m very proud of you. Of course I would love to visit you!!!

  2. Good job! Sounds like a big project. Glad you are back in the water safely and off for more adventures! 🙂

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