2nd Annual Red Bra Regatta

Life is too short to be serious.
It was refreshing to meet young, adventurous, sailing ladies, with no ego, and such a love for life!
Just what the doctor ordered, a day of sunshine, laughter, sailing and good company. Thank you ladies for a fantastic day.
In the words of Ms Rachel aka legally ginger, a summary of our day at the Red Bra Regatta .

salty senorita

Her Royal Highness Karima had requested my participation in the 2nd Annual Red Bra Regatta. I almost did this race last year, but I was unable to make the practices so it didn’t quite work out. Thankfully this time not only have I raced the Midwinters, I’ve crossed an Ocean too! In other words, I’m much more prepared to do a race without much practice with the crew.
All I knew is that me and three other ladies would be racing an Islander 30′ out of South Beach Harbor in the beginning of October, the only requirements are that you be female and wear a red bra. HA! The only bra I have right now is red (maybe a little more on the “magenta” side). I didn’t even hesitate when asked.

I know Karima has been working her booty off getting her boat ready to sail, but I didn’t realize…

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