The rain


Rain rain the glorious rain! And rain it has been for the last month, which we are grateful for, as california has been in a drought for the last 3 years. So thank you thank you rain! But you are also holding up my project!
After much contemplation of where to drill the hole, alignment and angles for the anchor windlass, I finally decided, it was time, time to drill the “hole of no return” hole, oh boy, here it goes.

Happy with my new hole, and not my new sky light, it was time to Dremeal out some of the balsa core deck around the hole, and fill with epoxy, then over fill the holes for the screws then fill with epoxy and re drill. Ok, that’s done, next.
Sourced some super strong G10, for a backing plate, thanks to paublo for knowing the right place and for the right price.
Then being upside down in the anchor locker, grinding the underside of the deck, to get it as flush as possible, which took a lot longer then I expected, that fiberglass gets every where.
It took me three try’s to epoxy glue the backing plate flush, and a lot of thickened epoxy. No matter how hard I tryed, still managed to get epoxy in my hair……trying to get that out of your hair is another story!

Got a beautiful off cut peice of teak, to use for the windlass mount, then cut to shape and time to mount And seal the windlass with 4200. Wow it looks so pretty! Now have to wire the beast up, re-mount the cleat, and the foot switches……in between rain showers.

It has taken a lot of contemplation and drawing on varied skills, to accomplish this project, the biggest hurdle is getting over the mental part, of drilling a giant 4 inch hole in your deck, once you get over that, and can invision the whole project and steps to take…..well it has still been quite difficult! Haha

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2 thoughts on “The rain

  1. Trish Gaudry

    Wow, Linda I’m really impressed and very proud of all your hard work!!! Well done!!!

  2. Janice Carroll

    Sounds like lots of work. You are amazing. When will you leave s/fran?

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