Ask and you shall receive.



In life, we like to be self sufficient.

We like to be able to do and fix things our selfs.

Yet sometimes , you have to ask for help. Sometimes you need someone who thinks different from your self. After weeks of contemplating how to ask for help, and trying my best to understand. I went and asked for help, thankfully, Carlos, had all the answers I needed, he looked at the situiation in a different way, and showed me what I needed to know, it was my ” I finally understand momment!”

Thank god!, as this project was dragging on with my stubbornness, in trying to do it all myself.
The lesson learned today, is ask for help, it’s okay, and you get to learn at the same time, perfect!

Wiring really is not my favourite thing, but we have learned to be friends, we have learned to live together side by side, like red wine and cheese. Now armed With a better understanding of said wiring, the re won’t be a big surprise later on, down the road.


Knowing your strengths and weakness is key to keeping safe at sea and keeping safe on land!
One of my biggest weakness is pulling up the 30 pound anchor and anchor chain, especially when it’s blowing.

So here’s to Max, the beautiful piece of machinery now attached to my deck! Thanks for saving my back, which will be much happier!

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3 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive.

  1. jan carroll

    Well said!

    How are ya? And any ideas when and where you are going next?

    Sent from my iPad, Janice Carroll


  2. joe mckeown

    Keep Max well supplied and when he is down and depressed give him a little boost and when it is howling and you need to move on he will take care of you. Nice Max, good Max here we go Max, it’s just you and me partner so away we go. Oh and another thing, Max is not the jealous type but he does have a soul.

  3. Beryl Gaudry

    You write so well, my dear. Never be ashamed to ask how to do something. I think you are very clever.

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