Land Ho!

After a painfully slow voyage with little wind and tropical disturbances threating to develop along our route, Yemaya and I finally arrived after 26 days at sea, well guess I did not break my own record of 21 days. Brian and Gitano arrived about 19 hours early , so it’s nice to have a welcoming party! It also seems my delorme malfunctioned and sent 32 of the same messages to you all, very sorry about that, it just went crazy, a little like its owner perhaps.

The land fall of Maui is quite spectacular with the sheer cliffs of Molokai on one side and the volcanos of Maui piercing through the clouds, lush green hillsides, after days and days of blue blue and more blue, I sight for sore eyes.

It seems surreal to have both our boats here, after dreaming of doing this for years, I give myself a little pinch every day, and give thanks, that I get to experience such beauty, and meet wonderful people on my journey.

I have a inflatable kayak as my dingy to get to shore, and always some fisherman laughs and has a comment on my little boat, it is quite a little mission to get to shore, as there is a strong current that flows along the coast, from the Alenuihaha channel, I’m guessing, and then there is a little surf break near the harbour entrance, have to be careful of sneaker waves, don’t want to end up on the reef!

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3 thoughts on “Land Ho!

  1. Congrats on the passage!

  2. Glad you arrived safely!

  3. Trish

    Well done Linda, glad you made it safe and sound, enjoy everyday!!!!

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