Summer days

Another month draws to an end, the humidity is through the roof, the heat relentlessly beating down on all of man kind. The whole pacific churning with typhoons,hurricanes and cyclones, the name changes but the results are the same. Destruction in their wake. A very very active El Niño year, brings extra warm water to the pacific, which as you can guess, brings a more active year.

The old saying, ” make the most of every situation “, comes to mind, enjoy the friends and family around you, share your love and laughter, put a smile on a strangers face, do random acts of kindness to the next person you meet. Send your prayers to the western pacific, who are getting hit, again and again by thypoons. Life is short and it could be all gone in a second, embrace it all, the good and bad, keep moving forward.

I wait and watch the weather, looking for a break to head south, as hurricanes and tropical depressions barrel across the eastern pacific, marching like crazy soldiers, dancing to their own rythem in the moist tropical air and warm bath water called the pacific. When there is a break, there is no wind, big chunks of no wind, sometimes 600 nm of no wind……I’m not sure I can handle another light wind trip, it’s truly maddening, sailing as fast as you could walk. And the last thing you want is to be stuck in the firing zone, with no wind to get out of the way of developing cyclones.


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