Pattern and Chaos

Ebb and flow, life doesn’t always flow in the direction we want or go in.
Weather is a mixture of pattern and chaos, some thing that can’t be controlled, (a reason I love the weather) as we have no control over it!
The universe sometimes has other plans for us, which at the time, can seem hard to understand.

As El Niño has been getting stronger and now predicted to last into spring (northern) hemisphere, I have to concead to the weather, I am not sailing home or even back to the mainland and down to Mexico, I have been on stand by, waiting for an opportunity to depart the USA. And it’s looking like Yemaya will have a Hawaiian holiday till next season.

There has been family health problems here as well, so me being here, has had a silver lining, I have been able to help and support family in their time of need. I hope it has made a difference in their quality of their life.

The hurricanes are still forming, and doing strange things, hurricane oho, went due north and gathered speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour, and ending up as a post tropical storm heading into the pacific north west. The thought of sailing back to southern Californian, with these hurricanes popping up and heading north then having winter storms as well, does not sound like a fun idea to me.

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One thought on “Pattern and Chaos

  1. joe mckeown

    Yes a very very strange year indeed and the outlook is hard to decipher, no matter which way you exit Hawaii it is a crapshoot at the best!..good time to hunker down and enjoy the place. We are enjoying a visit from Kali! best to you and Mr Brian!

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