Radio geek

I love my ham radio, yes I know, such a geek…..but I can talk to the world for free plus sooo much more!

Sailing alone, you never feel lonely, just turn on the radio and search. Or if you are more organised, and have the guide to all the broadcasts and stations of the world, just look up a new station and tune in.
I recently have been reading about pirate stations, from a very informative site about shortwave radio
And it gets me excited thinking about all these new stations to find and listen too.

Well I finally got my general license, which enables me to use pretty much all the frequencies out there! It was quite difficult, memorise 400 plus questions, and for the first two weeks I was studying my old book, which was from July 2011 to July 2015…….then realised I hadn’t been studying the correct questions. (Sometimes I really wonder about myself.)
But, happy to have succeeded and have a gate way to the world via radio.

To complete my radio dream, is a Pactor modem, to enable email via the radio for free, via winlink. Always on the look out for one, if anyone has one not being used. Then my radio geekiness will be complete. πŸ˜€

To sign off for the night, a lovely quote, which resonates with me.

My heart is at ease
Knowing that what
Was meant for me
Will never miss me,
And what misses me
Was never
Meant for me.

Iman Shafi

73 🐬🌊🐳


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6 thoughts on “Radio geek

  1. Trish

    Well done Linda!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Kristy Lugert

    Linda and Brian,

    Hoping your parents are doing okay. Thinking about you guys. I’m back in Alameda. Kiwi was asking about you.




    • Kristy!!
      All good here, they are much better,thanks.
      Are you back for good in alameda! Pats to all the hounds, especially kiwi!

  3. Hi, found you via sookie who said that every word of your blog needs to be read.
    Anyway, I actually have a. Pactor modem, it’s yours if you can tell me how to get it to you. I’m in Sydney.
    Only cost is to send me at least one email from it and tell me how you got it working. I’m sure it does as the previous owner of my boat installed it, and I saw hard copy emails from it.

    • Hi Mark, thank you so much, I will send you a private email, if that’s ok.
      I love reading stormy’s story’s, he’s a wonderful writer. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.
      Happy sailing!

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