Happy place.

Find what makes you happy and go there.

When I first discovered sailing, I had my ” ah ha” moment, finally I was home, after years of searching for my place in this world, I found it at sea. I was always drawn to the ocean, it’s soothing sound, nourishing waters, the warm charm of the pacific was my happy place.

Since I grew up in a land locked planned city, all I ever remember is wanting to be in and live by the ocean. My heart was happy at the sea shore, and at peace, longing for nothing but the salty air kissing my face, and the caressing touch of the warm Pacific Ocean freeing my soul, as each wave washed over me.

My mother told me, how when I was very young, I never learnt to crawl properly, and would crawl like a crab. We would drive down to the south coast, on the weekends and stay in our little caravan, with the night sky sparkling like diamonds as we sat around the fire cooking potatoes and enjoying the salty coastal air, All the kids running wild around the caravan park, so free and safe in the night.

And how we would go to the beach, my mum would place me on the towel, and all I would do was crawl like a crab to ocean, and get bowled over by waves, and laugh and keep crawling into the ocean. So she would run down and pick me up, place me on the towel……then off I would crab crawl back to the  Ocean. My home.

A mermaid for life.




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4 thoughts on “Happy place.

  1. Kristy Lugert

    I love this pic. Enjoy your happy place!!!! The Wee says hi!!



  2. jan carroll

    Thanks possum. A lovely reminder of you as a beautiful little babe.

    How blessed i am to have watched you grow from that delightful small one into a beautiful, wise young woman. Keep exploring.

    Happy thanksgiving day my darling. Hugs and hugs.

    Sent from my iPad, Janice Carroll


  3. Trish

    So true Linda!!! You loved water even as a baby. So happy you Re following your dreams!! I am very proud of you!! All my love

  4. Michael Collins

    Thank you for the photograph and your thoughts. We may all share in those feelings.
    Where are you now, and can you include my photos?

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