A favourite quote.


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.

“Paulo Coelho”

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6 thoughts on “A favourite quote.

  1. Kristy Lugert


  2. Just found your blog and love it! Going to read more of your back entries, especially about your passage to Hawaii – definitely admire your solo sailing!

    • Hi Ellen,
      Thank you, and there is more solo sailing back in 2011, when I sailed solo from Monterey bay to Australia as well. I have been reading your blog too, and love your photos and adventurous spirit, the Arctic looks so beautiful, I hope to get there some time!
      Happy sailing

      • Thanks for letting me know about your Monterey-Oz voyage – that’ll be great to read, too! We just missed each other by a couple years there in Australia – we left Cairns in 2009. Some of the most beautiful sailing in the world, I’d say! Thanks for reading Gone Floatabout – so glad you enjoy it! Happy sailing to you too!

      • Yes we just missed each other, Brian and I arrived in Bundaberg oz in 2009. I’m glad you enjoyed my home country!

  3. great quote 🙂

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