Ranting from sea a possibIlty.

The blogging community is a way to connect, and share with the online world. And thanks to a fellow sailor, writer and Australian , I have been given a modem.
which, once I get it all set up, will enable me to update my blog from sea!
Feeling very thankful to Mark for the modem, stormy for the kind words and Moondog And their family who got the modem to me!
Thanks guys!

Fingers crossed I can get it all connected before I leave! Boat work, always a race against time, money and figuring shit out!

As my time here draws to an end, getting ready to leave again is always an emotional rollercoaster, yet slowly it all comes together…….as I run around like a mad chicken with my head cut off……no matter how many times you leave, that’s one thing that never seems to change.

Have bought a bunch of organic sprouting seeds, to have fresh greens at sea, and on anchor. Nothing like fresh nutritious greens while at sea. nor sure why it’s taken me so long to take up sprouting, but better late then never.


I rescued a cat, and had him for two weeks, it brought so much joy to my heart, having an animal, it’s all I want, is animals. I have to be content with dog sitting and being a foster mum for short periods of time.

Ragnar the cat, We found him on the break water, as someone had dumped him there. It took us three try’s to catch him, and then when we checked if he had a microchip , which he did, we got in touch with his family and he is back home. A happy ending for one of the many lost, and dumped cats, after being missing for ten months.

Would love to here from fellow cruisers who have pets on board, as most countries are pretty good with animals, while others, mainly Australia seem to be complete A-holes about pets.






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2 thoughts on “Ranting from sea a possibIlty.

  1. jan carroll

    Wow, that great you are now into “sprouting”. So good for your health. Nice you had some time with a cat; do come and visit us and missy will be sure to share your bed!! Hugs.

    Sent from my iPad, Janice Carroll


  2. Hope the modem works out! And the bean sprouts 🙂 We love mung beans 🙂

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