Earth Day


Celerbrating this beautiful planet, we all call home. It’s a reminder to not just do something today for the earth, but to remember to continually  help her.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Sustain the future.

Crusing on a small boat, shows you how to be sustainable, and to be resourceful. Would love to here the things you do, to be sustainable , sharing ideas is the way to show how easy it is to make a difference , small steps,  by each of us, equals a big difference!

Happy Earth Day!

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2 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. we need to always look for our environment and take care of it. example is to reuse bags to the supermarket and not buy a new one every time. I think when living on a boat you start to care more for the nature 🙂 Happy Earth day!

    • I agree, Some states in Australia still use plastic bags!!
      And Your right, living on a boat, gives you a new perspective of the world!
      Thanks for stopping by Caroline. 🌅⛵️😀

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