Traversing a stretch of ocean, reminds you know small you are in this world. Just a tiny speck on a vast indigo ocean, the horizon stretches on forever, the mind wanders far and wide. For some the vastness is scary as the mind computes and realises its place in the world. For others, its invigorating, letting the mind fly free and dream. The vastness is full of ideas and peace.


I sleep like a baby at sea, the rocking of the boat, soothes me, the swish of water passing under the hull, rushing, gushing, splashing. As the ocean dances along the boat playfully.

My dreams are vivd, bright colours, crisp scenes from times not yet played out, people I haven’t seen for years, visit me in my sleep. Take stock, recalibrate, breath. The seductive ocean works her magic on me, by day three I’m calm, not worrying about any trival land based shit, just watching the wind the boat, synching with the ebb and flow of the moon and energy of the sea.

The more north we go, the softer the suns touch, till she’s just a warm hand caressing your skin, a soft breeze keeps you cool, as flying fish jump and glide, trying not to get caught  by  the predators down below.

Dolphins, race and play on the bow, twisting on their sides to watch us  as we watch them. Both pondering the chances of meeting in this vast blue sea, both at home in her waters.


A stray whale, stays with us for days, frolicking on our bow, keeping us company. She is a little late heading north to the feeding grounds, I hope she finds her way.


My favourite shifts are the dead of night and daybreak. I love to steer the boat and stare into the night sky, stars winking back at me. As falling stars and meteoroids fly through the jet black sky. One night I counted 15 meteoroids in my one and half hour shift, the universe throwing its weight around, turing on its fireworks for me.


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