Back to Sea

So here we are in Kiritimati in the line islands of Kiribati, 1100 miles south of Hawaii. Almost straddling the equator.A sandy, sinking atoll with only coconuts and breadfruit growing on the island.

The smiling, friendly, shy locals make the island. Super friendly, easy to laugh with, an easy nature, the children play so happily unaware of all the trappings of the modern world.
A simple life we’re no one is homeless, as family take in their own. We’re the jail is kept unlocked, so they can go home and visit family.

A simple life, take a breath, relax, don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy the moment and take time to count your blessings and all that you are grateful for.
Waiting for weather to leave, I spend a week re-organising Yemaya, getting things how I like them to be.
Time to depart, pull that anchor up, point the bow south west, and off we go. Ready or not, scared, nervous, to bad, were underway.
A hard passage, with very light wind and a lot of compression and squalls the whole trip.
Treated to dolphins playing on the bow, and whales as I arrive at Tonga.

The lush green trees and landscape takes my breath away. After 18 days of blue blue and different shades of grey and blue I’m Blinded by the bright green that is every where.

I hike for hours and hours on a muddy path, surrounded by butterfly’s and dragonflys, tropical plants, birds hooting and calling each other. Random pigs, stumble across my path, one has a stare down with me, challenging me. Some chickens and horses yet no people. Have I stepped back in time? yet I’m comforted by the tropical trees, giving me shade and food to pick along the way.
Yemaya and me swing around on anchor, in aqua blue water, happy to have made it back to the Southern Hemisphere. Our Hawaiian interlude is over. Time to explore again.

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6 thoughts on “Back to Sea

  1. Maree Stainton

    There’s that beautiful girl – miss your face – can’t wait to see you soon – love your blog hun xoxo

  2. Krusty Yogert

    Luv that pirate bandana Linda

  3. Kristy Lugert

    Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa



  4. Andrew

    What a lovely dreamlike life you are leading at the moment! So envious, enjoy and safe travels.

  5. You are such a beautiful soul. Miss you lots xoxo

  6. Love Leisa xxx

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